Aaqib Javed Points Out A Big Flaw in Kohli’s Technique That Babar Doesn’t Have

Aaqib Javed Points Out A Big Flaw in Kohli’s Technique That Babar Doesn’t Have

Former pace bowler Aaqib Javed claims that Babar Azam is a much better batsman than Virat Kohli, and that the Indian captain should research Babar Azam closely to develop his techniques. Kohli, according to Javed, has a much wider range of shots than Babar, but he struggles with pure batting technique.

Kohli has always struggled outside the off-stump, according to him, and he needs to improve in that field to equal Babar’s calibre.

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These two batsmen may be the best in the world today, but they have flaws, according to Javed. He argues that both will benefit from each other’s experience in order to develop their skills. Javed advised Babar to imitate Kohli’s fitness while also advising Kohli to emulate Babar’s batting technique in order to correct his off-stump issues.

“Virat Kohli has a wider range of shots than Babar Azam, but he also has a weakness in one place. When the ball bounces, he appears to get stuck around the off-stump, as he did in England against [James] Anderson,” Javed explained.

Babar will surpass Kohli to become the new number one ODI batsman in the world in the latest ICC rankings update, which is expected to be released on Wednesday, ending Kohli’s three-year reign at the top.

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“When you look at Babar, there are no weak spots. Like [Sachin] Tendulkar, who did not have any weak spots. Babar is theoretically more safe, but if he follows Kohli’s fitness regimen, he will improve even further.” Javed continued.

Babar’s technique, according to Javed, is perfect and among the finest, he has ever seen, and he compares him to Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar.

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