Afghan female footballers reach Pakistan Evade Taliban

Afghan female footballers reach Pakistan Evade Taliban

KRAACHI: After government visas for emergency humanitarian assistance to remove women from their country after the Taliban seize on Tuesday night female footballs from Afghanistan and their families crossed the Torkham frontier into Pakistan.

Because of its participation in sports, the Taliban threatened footballers in the national junior women squad. Their journey to Katar was supposed to take Afghan refugees to the 2022 FIFA World Cup facilities and on August 26 they were strangled following a bomb explosion at Kabul airport.

Although the majority of the Afghanistan women’s national team flew abroad as part of a deal with the Australian administration in the last week of August, because to a shortage of passports and other papers, the youth team was unable to go. Since then, they have hidden to evade the Taliban.

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The decision was taken in conjunction with the government and the Pakistan Football Federation of Ashfaq Hussain shah, which are not recognised by FIFA, to send the 32 footballers – 115 in all, including their families – to Pakistan.

During his visit to Doha last week, FIFA chairman Gianni Infantino visited Afghan refugees

But, for the lack of support to women footballers in Afghanistan, the world football body has been chastened.
Last week in the UK Independent newspaper, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that it would be better for players to enter Pakistan if requested by the FIFA.

Sardar Naveed Haider Khan, former PFF Ashfaq member, told Dawn on Tuesdays evening. “We initiated these efforts a few weeks ago, and we are tremendously grateful to the government and PFF Chairman, Ashfaq, and Aamir Dogar, for helping us.”

Football players come to Lahore from Peshawar where they remain in the PFF headquarters that the court-elected Ashfaq PFF from the PFF Normalization Committee, which has been established by the FIFA, has taken over, prompting FIFA to stop Pakistan.

Ashfaq said Tuesday night, “We support mankind. “We support humanity.” “We promptly acted and done all we can to bring them to Pakistan as soon as possible as we found out.”

Due to the fact that FIFA did not participate in the process, a PFF Member of the NC on Tuesday informed Dawn that the organisation “was not aware.”

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