Afridi terms the selection of T20 squad as surprising

Afridi terms the selection of T20 squad as surprising

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi described the T20 squad’s selection as “surprising.” He stated that the squad would have been perfect if those players who deserved to be in it were included.

During a press conference in Washington, Afridi observed, “The selection committee has a huge part in the team’s selection.”

One member of the media enquired as to why Pakistan’s team lacked superstars. “Superstars have to be made out of the players,” Afridi responded.

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“Players with potential must be trained and polished in order to become superstars,” the senior player explained.

He went on to say that in order to become a superstar, players would have to accrue individual victories.

When asked about the new Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the former skipper expressed his hope that Ramiz Raja, who has been close to the sport for a long time, will alter and enhance the board’s management.

He advised Ramiz to surround himself with real and professional people.

He stated that the team will handle the majority of the work rather than Ramiz.

When asked what he would do if PCB made him an offer, Afridi stated, “I’m now preoccupied with welfare work, but let’s see what happens.”

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