Azhar Ali Reveals the Secret to be a Successful Batsman in West Indies

Azhar Ali Reveals the Secret to be a Successful Batsman in West Indies

Azhar Ali believes that spending time at the pitch is vital for success in the Caribbean, Pakistan’s Test Middle Order Batsman. In the early hours, Azhar found that swing is a big factor and it would be vital for the batting side not to lose precocious wickets.

Azhar started in Jamaica that conditions are usually good for hitters since the pitch is bouncing and the ball sits on a nice bat. He hoped that the slots in the next trial series will be similar in character so that both batters and bowlers would have something for them.

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The aged 36 stated that the capacity to withstand the pressure is one of the main factors of batting in these conditions. He said it might sometimes frustrate batsmen since they cannot get long runs but they can score hard if they hold on to their nerves.

“There are sometimes phases where you’re not running. You must stay calm at that time. For example, a batsman should take a chance if you feel you can score against a spinner. They must also absorb pressure, in which they believe that accepting the opportunity could lead to a fall in the wicket,” said Azhar.

The former captain has also shown that it’s more difficult for the ball to scores as it’s getting older and softer because it isn’t so simple. He added that although if the ball changes a lot early, it offers the chance to score runs at a very fast rate.

The first test is slated to take place in Jamaica on 12 August. The second test will also take place in Jamaica from 20 to 24 August.

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