Babar Azam Names the New Zealand Legend He Tries to Copy

Babar Azam

After Indian captain Virat Kohli was retrieved to be the leader of his ODI Batsman, Babar Azam was the focus of attention in the cricketing world, and on Wednesday, he held a feat against South Africa with his maids T20I century.

In a podcast with his teammate Imam-ul-Haq, Babar, who is now Pakistan’s captain in all three formats, discussed his journey, habit and the work ethic. The new King of Odys revealed how he was helped by his habits of learning from his contemporaries.

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He told Imam that, by observing Kane Williamson, he learned to play the ball tardy and refine his ability to place the ball in gaps.

“I learnt to play late from Kane Williamson, and I notice that when we play late, we get more command and more time, and it helps me a lot once I start to apply it internationally. You can find gaps when playing close (to your body).”

The skipper from New Zealand is very methodologically working around his business. He plays it late and with soft hands rather than hardship on the ball, finding gaps of operative accuracy.

Babar Azam is a down-to-air individual who does not shy away from learning new things from his peer, as is clear from his conduct on and off the ground.

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The secret behind his turnaround performance from the second T20I was asked to Azam, where he was unable to get 50 runs out from 49 balls, but he smashed the next game hundred blistering balls and he answered like this.

“I’m not getting complacent. I don’t get complacent. I talk to myself and analyse my errors and what I’ve done is history every day. Every day is a new day and we have to start again. A new challenge.”

Babar has been the highest scorer in the series with 186 runs in three games and after scoring the fastest T20 hundred for Pakistan, he has accrued 168 runs so far. 87 games from 7 are needed to go beyond Kohli as the fastest hitter to 2000 T20I games.

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