Best Internet Service Providers in Islamabad

Best Internet Service Providers in Islamabad

Best Internet Service Providers in Islamabad

We have another Internet Service Provider list back. This time we chose Islamabad’s capital city. The center of the country is this town. In this town, all the official job is done. Mainly government employees or international authorities are people residing here. Many banks and corporations have their headquarters. And we live in a technological era and it is the foundation of all our work. The internet is the connectivity backbone. In the capital, therefore, there is a great need for it. People here demand an Internet connection fast and reliable. So I will provide a list of Islamabad’s leading Internet service providers.


Recently, the provider of Nayatel internet services has truly made its mark. It is one of the fastest and most reliable ISPs. This service comprises domestic fiber networks (FTTH) which have made Islamabad one of the most optically connected cities in the world. They also offer outstanding customer service. The ISP’s workforce comprises highly qualified and highly qualified experts. They have continuously tried to improve themselves since they were founded as an ISP. And they have demonstrated that they are one of the greatest ISPs in Islamabad. There are numerous Internet Bundles in Nayatel. However, I’ll mention the cheapest.

NayaTel’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

  • Monthly charges: PKR 1,999/-
  • Volume: Unlimited
  • Internet speed: 10 Mbps
  • Smart TV: Yes

Installation Time and Cost:

  • Installation charges: PKR 11,000 (installment plan is available)
  • Device charges: Yes (PKR 4,750 including tax)
  • Installation time: 1-2 working days


The pilot Internet Service Provider of Pakistan is known as Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. It is also our country’s most common internet service. When it became the country’s capital, PTCL included its Internet services in Islamabad. Since then the best internet service in the city has been provided. PTCL has over time been changing to meet client requirements. In Islamabad, almost every region has optical fiber connectivity been provided. High Internet speeds are allowed. Their customer service has also been improved. PTCL has a web bundle array. However, the cheapest package I’ll mention.

PTCL’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

  • Monthly charges: PKR 1750/-
  • Volume: Unlimited
  • Internet speed: up to 6 Mbps
  • Smart TV(optional): PKR 525/- per month

Installation Time and Cost:

  • Installation charges: PKR 2,499 inclusive of Tax/- (over existing landline) and PKR 5000 inclusive of tax/- (Landline + Internet + Smart TV)
  • Device charges: Yes (Router and TV box)
  • Installation time: 1-2 working days


StormFiber is one of the greatest prior internet service providers in Punjab. The ISP is now extending its services to Islamabad, the capital city. It is vital to note that Cybernet is powered by StormFiber. Because of the high-speed Internet and TV service and the exceptional customer services, Stomfiber has built its name on the market. To ensure the best possible bandwidth and stable connectivity, the ISP uses fiber optical links. StormFiber is an independently repairing ISP that addresses your problem automatically, which can be one of the most interesting parts of it. In addition, the ISP gives its prized customers a broad selection of inexpensive internet packages.

StormFiber’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

  • Monthly charges: PKR 1999/- (without tax)
  • Volume: Unlimited
  • Internet speed: 10 Mbps
  • Smart TV: Included in the total bill

Installation Time and Cost:

  • Installation charges: PKR 5,999/-
  • Device charges: No

Jazz Super 4G Wingle

Mobilink Jazz is one of Pakistan’s greatest and oldest communications providers. For 25 years now, it has worked. Recently, Jazz has started to offer its consumers its 4G WLAN and 4G Wingle jazz devices. These devices have incredible speeds on the Internet. Wireless Jazz 4G and Wingle gadget have a decent 2300 mAh battery life. WPS Wi-Fi access is allowed. The lightning 4G speed is amazingly fast up to 150 Mbps. These Wi-Fi gadgets can work strongly with 10 users simultaneously. It’s also an easy duty to set the device. The Jazz app must be downloaded and the device installed from there. The smart design of the Wingle gadgets is a USB kind. Just connect it to any port and enjoy the flash fast internet. Below is the most cost-effective internet package.

Jazz Super 4G Wingle’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

  • Monthly charges: PKR 999/-
  • Volume: 25 GB
  • Internet speed: up to 150 Mbps

Device Charges:

  • Jazz Super 4G Wingle: PKR 2,500/-
  • Jazz Super 4G Wi-Fi: PKR 3,200/-
  • Jazz Home Wi-Fi: PKR 5,500/-

For more jazz packages detail, click here.

Zong 4G Bolt

If you live in places where Nayatel and PTCL services are not available or you are not interested in having broadband Internet access or if your Internet/wireless connection speed problems arise, it’s a smart alternative to try wireless gadgets. They are even better than the fiber optic/simple wiring connection than wired services.

With variable speeds and packages to offer, Zong wireless appliances are called Bolt and Bolt+. You can connect up to 10 WiFi devices simultaneously with a Zong 4G Bolt. Plug it in and you are fine to go in any USB power source. Internet speeds up to 36 Mbps are fantastic. Zong provides zong sim lagao offer for its customers.

If you find any sim owner name by mobile number, then you can see complete detail about any sim by the live tracker.

Zong 4G Bolt’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

  • Monthly charges: PKR 1500/- (without tax)
  • Volume: 30 GB for one month
  • Internet speed: up to 150 Mbps

Installation Time and Cost:

  • Installation charges: You just have to buy a Bolt device
  • Device charges: Yes (PKR 3,000/-)

For more zong packages detail, click here.

Transworld Home

Transworld Home offers internet and television services in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad at a speed of up to 100 Mbps and over 100 HD channels.

It is the international tier-1 operator, which is the most significant quality of this ISP. There is no other Tier-1 network cooperation Internet service provider at this time. It provides a large number of Internet bundles at incredible speeds. It’s the cheapest here.

Transworld Home’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

  • Monthly charges: PKR 2,500/-
  • Volume: Unlimited
  • Internet speed: 20 Mbps
  • Tru™ TV (optional): PKR 500/- per month

Installation Time and Cost:

  • One-time Cost: PKR 12,000 (available on installments)
  • Tru™ Smart Box: PKR 7,000 (available in installments)
  • Special Promo: Also available at ZERO upfront charges
  • Installation Time: 1-2 day

My own selection among these ISPs will be NayaTel, following a brief investigation on Internet Service Providers in Islamabad. It is undoubtedly considered to be Islamabad’s greatest Internet service provider. NayaTel has also become Islamabad’s best-known internet service provider. It also became the choice of the masses. Reliable Internet and outstanding customer services are the reason for its success.

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