Chairman PCB shares his vision with First Board officials

Chairman PCB shares his vision with First Board officials

Ramiz Raja, Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, met with the Chairpersons and Chief Executives of the First Boards at the National High Performance Centre and discussed his vision for grassroots cricket.

Ramiz emphasised the importance of quickly resuming school and club activities, as well as infrastructure upgrades, in order to provide the greatest playing facilities and environment for the children to showcase and develop their skill.

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“The grassroots cricket level tier demands attention because it has been a neglected field for years, resulting in the marginalization of our growth canvas,” PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja said. Under my supervision, Cricket nurseries will continue to be important.
“I recognize and respect the First Boards’ hard work at the provincial level, and I look forward to continuing to work together to alter the Pakistan cricket landscape.”

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