Cristina Rolando expresses love for Manchester United after returning

Cristina Rolando expresses love for Manchester United after returning
during the UEFA Champions League Final match between Manchester United and Chelsea at the Luzhniki Stadium on May 21, 2008 in Moscow, Russia.

After his comeback, Cristina Rolando loves Manchester United
After returning to Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo proclaimed his “never ending affection for Manchester United.”

He transferred to Juventus’ English Premier League club once he signed a €15 million contract ($17.7 million).

He is now back at Manchester United for a second period, and he’s 36, who scored 118 games in 292 matches before joining Real Madrid, Manchester United.

He scored 81 goals in 98 Series A Matches after three seasons in Italy and claimed the lead twice.

Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo said, “Anyone who knows me understands my never-ending love for Manchester United. The years I have spent in this club, where the route we have taken together are etched in golden letters in the history of this magnificent and incredible institution.”

“I really cannot start explaining my thoughts now, when I witness the worldwide announcement of my return to Old Trafford. After every time I went back to play Man, it was like a dream come true. United and even as an adversary, had always felt such love and respect on the booth of the spectators. This is 100% the thing of which dreams are created!”

“These are the reasons why I have been the First Domestic League and my 1st Cup, my first call to Portugal, my First Champions League, my first Golden Boat and my first Gold Ballon. History is written in the past and history is again going to be written! You’ve got my speech!”

“Here I am!”

“Where I belong, I’m back!”

“We’re going to make it happen again!”

He ended with the message: “PS — Sir Alex, this is for you…”

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