Ex Aussie Cricketer Removed From Commentary Panel for Criticizing Prime Minister

Ex Aussie Cricketer Removed From Commentary Panel for Criticizing Prime Minister

Michael Slater, a former Australian opener and prominent pundit, has been pulled from Channel 7’s commentary panel following his criticism of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

Slater’s dismissal from the commentary panel, according to reports, is directly tied to his criticism of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, notwithstanding Channel 7’s statements that he was removed due to budgetary constraints.

PM Morrison had been chastised by Slater for imposing harsh limits during the outbreak. Slater chastised the administration for refusing to enable Australian people to return to their homeland.During the Indian Premier League (IPL) in May, Slater and a few other Australian commentators were denied permission to fly back to Australia. The 51-year-old resorted to Twitter to criticise Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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“If our government cared about the safety of Australians, they would allow us to return home,” he tweeted. It’s a travesty! PM, you have blood on your hands. You have no right to treat us this way. Why don’t you take care of the quarantine system? I received government clearance to work on the IPL, but now I’m being ignored by the government.“ And for those who believe this is a game of chance. Put it out of your mind. This is my job, yet I haven’t earned a thing because I left early.

So, please, put an end to the abuse and consider the tens of thousands of people who die every day in India. It’s referred to as empathy. “If only our government had some!” exclaims the narrator.

Slater’s tweet sparked outrage in the Australian media, prompting Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to dismiss it as ludicrous.

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