Fact Check Did Virat Kohli Really Tell Mohammad Nabi to Bowl First [Video]

India’s 66-run victory over Afghanistan in the 2021 T20 World Cup has sparked a debate among cricket fans, with many believing that the outcome was predetermined. Fans took to social media to express their feelings, with hashtags such as ‘#fixed’ and ‘#WellPaidIndia’ becoming popular on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

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The video of the coin toss was a popular topic on social media. Many people have pointed out that after Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi won the toss, Indian captain Virat Kohli told him to bowl first.

While it is clear that the two captains had a brief conversation about the decision after the toss, many believe Kohli was the one who addressed Nabi and told him to bowl first.

Mohammad Nabi was the one who informed Kohli of his decision to bowl first after winning the toss. In cricket, the captain who wins the toss informs the other captain of his decision before announcing it on the microphone. By paying close attention, it is clear that Nabi informed Kholi that he “will bowl first,” to which the Indian captain replied “okay,” rather than the other way around. Similar incidents have occurred in previous matches in this T20 World Cup, and this is a long-standing tradition in cricket. Even during Pakistan’s match against Afghanistan, Babar had questioned Nabi’s decision immediately after the coin toss.

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