Five magic Cristiano Ronaldo moments at Manchester United

Five magic Cristiano Ronaldo moments at Manchester United

After 12 years at Real Madrid and Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United. From his first time in Old Trafford, we looked at five of the best moments.

Debut in August 2003 Dazzling

After a pre-season friendly fight against Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo joined United, when the actors persuaded Coach Alex Ferguson to hire him. Ronaldo made his debut in a red shirt after a £12 million investment with United setting up a goal against Bolton. But it was all about a new youth winger that Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs (twice) and Ruud Van Nistelrooy were given the aims.

That feeling of wink – the World Cup after 2006

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His team mate, Wayne Rooney, was sent off for England at the World Cup, turning the Winger into one of England’s hatred figures. He took the upward step from Rooney in the midst of United States, finished the season as a player of the year and scored the winning goal at the 2007 Premier League in Manchester City, United.

Goals for the First Champions League – April 2007
In a 7-1 quarter-final triumph over Roma in the Champions League, Ronaldo performed one of his first real world class performance at Old Trafford. His snapshot opener and remote tap were perhaps less amazing than his total performance.

Header of Towering – May 2008
With the expansion of Ronaldo’s versatility, he added a new string to his arrow, challenging fast speeds for the home goals. One of its early examples, when he climbed above the defence to slam a Paul Scholes cross, was his opening to United in its Champions League final against Chelsea. The match was finally punished and Ronaldo was unable to convert.

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First step up location. First step up. He threw himself to the ground in relief, even if his miss was not united, when Nicolas Anelka’s punitive kick was also stopped.

April 2009 Puskas award
In December, since George Finest, 40 years earlier, Ronaldo became the first United player to win the Gold Balloon as the best player in Europe. But in his latter season a looming Real Madrid and ankle ailments were over-shadowing. But in the Champions League quarter-final, which won United the game and Puskas for the sake of finest European goal, Ronaldo delivered a 35-meter spectacular blow in Porto. It was the best goal he had had, claimed Ronaldo himself.

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