HEC to Award Scholarships and Prize Money to Student Athletes

Every year, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) awards Sports Scholarships and Prize Money to champion players who win national and international medals, with the goal of recognising and encouraging excellent sportsmen.

In October 2021, HEC will organise an award ceremony for scholarship holders/medalist players who have won medals in various national championships while representing HEC.

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Currently, HEC will give cheques to 46 male and female student players from various Pakistani Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) according on their performance. The Sports Scholarship Program has given student athletes at colleges and universities a new sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

At the national level, HEC is also regarded as one of the largest sports nurseries in Pakistan. HEC has produced a number of national and international players, both male and female, who have represented Pakistan in a variety of national and international settings, winning numerous medals for the country.

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