Mohammad Amir Return To International Cricket After A Talk With Wasim Khan

Mohammad Amir

After Pakistan CEO Wasim Khan had a sixth edition in Pakistan before the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Second League, Mohammad Amir Pakistan’s left-arm pacer will return to international cricket for interaction with him.

His withdrawal last year was abruptly announced by Amir who made severe claims against Pakistan’s management and coach leader Misbah-ul-Haq.

While Wasim had recently said that Amir is a valuable player for the team and that he was trying to solve the problems between the managers and him.

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He had also revealed that the team and management did not show his respect due, which is why he was losing interest in the country. He said later that when communication, it will be available.

Wasim quoted: “I also made it very clear to him that his course as a senior player was not right. Even now, I think Amir is a valuable player for us, and we will try to bring him closer to the coaches,”

Since the beginning Amir has been involved with controversies. After being found guilty of match-fixing, he had to undergo a ban in Pakistan’s 2010 UK tour. He made a come-back for the team after a five-year ban, albeit only to be in a rift with the cricketboard.

He acknowledged that the management tortured him and that he was not in a correct psychological state.

“I’m leaving cricket right now,” he said. I’m tortured mentally. I don’t think I could handle this kind of torture because from 2010 to 2015 I was tortured a lot,”

His desire to become part of Pakistan’s national team, on the other hand, has been expressed.

He added, “Wherever I talk, it’s an explanation that people label. Many people took my decision to retire in a bad light, but it means a lot for me to come into Wasim Khan. I will play again for the nation if things go as scheduled,”

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