Mohammad Rizwan Gifts English Translation of Holy Quran to Matthew Hayden

Mohammad Rizwan Gifts English Translation of Holy Quran to Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden, a legendary Australian batter and current batting consultant, was taken aback by the sense of calm and spirituality in Pakistan’s dressing room. Hayden revealed that this was one of the most memorable experiences of his life and that sharing the dressing room with young Pakistani players was a real eye-opener.

Hayden is particularly moved by the team’s sense of unity and spirituality. He revealed that he recently talked about Islam and the Holy Book, Quran, with Pakistan’s wicket-keeper batter, Mohammad Rizwan.

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“Even though I am a Christian, I am intrigued by Islam.”One follows Christ, the other Mohammad (PBUH), and they will never meet, but he [Rizwan] gave me an English translation of the Quran. We sat on the floor for 30 minutes and talked about it. I’m reading a little bit of it every day. “Rizzy [Rizwan] is one of my favorite people, a champion of humanity,” Hayden said. Hayden went on to say that the entire squad is humble and has not overachieved in their thumping victories in the 2021 T20 World Cup. He stated that the team’s goal is clear: to win the T20 World Cup and that each and every member of the squad is putting in their all to achieve that goal.

The 50-year-old was also impressed by the players’ open-mindedness and willingness to learn. He stated that all of the players have raw talent and are looking for an opportunity to learn new skills and grow as people. He admired Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, and his willingness to be coached despite being one of the best batters in the world.

Hayden concluded that he had thoroughly enjoyed his time as the Pakistan cricket team’s batting consultant.

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