Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor fight on Twitter

The trilogy is unresolved, Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 3 will take place. A lengthy debate between Nate and Conor. This argument leads to a direct discussion between the opposing parties.

“Why can’t you move or fight now? Why can’t you speakin shit?” tweeted Nate Diaz. Later we chat”

“Who can’t?” Conor answered Nate. Come and see you, small fine dumbness, you will feel stunned and roll up. Mine of Calis.”

Nate answered Conor, “Don’t forget that Kabob was frightened of me as hell, beat your ass and ended it. And don’t forget that DP is afraid of me, too. But he’s beating your ass, and you ended too.
Recently, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor held a heated Twitter argument. Conor launched the fight with an unprecedented statement that lead to Nate’s shooting back.

Conor answered Nate, “He escaped from the cage, and I boxed all his relatives. And there was no one that finished me cousin. I broke my leg. I broke my leg. Nobody did anything or nothing else for me. Even so. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. I’m doing what I want in Cali months. Now there are three on the street fucking fuck your sport.”

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Nate answered Conor, “It’s simply business to remember the sportsmen I showed Uguys that I beat both your teams out of the cage before Uguys discovered the true combat game sports small bitches.”

Conor said, “I’m on my partner’s hair trigger. When you know what’s good to you dude, you stay where you’re in hiding. Blessed is God that already kid had a pleasant day.”

“Fuck you,” tweeted Nate

“Fuck the whole town I am,” Conor answered.

Following this conversation, the rivals both broke apart to tweet the other and showed their mastery over the other virtually uninterruptedly.

Diaz tweeted: “Nah bitch, when I checked our shit and checked out fighting with Me, you should have been able not to break your leg. This time with our shattered ass, you’ll lose the last fight and ran for the hills like the kabob or a pussy, how you’ll fight me when you cannot go for your life”

“That’s to say, I’m the twice triple champion of this entire thing.

“You don’t have any pals when you hopped a ship into your nation bitch””I finished this career of guys, lol what happened to him, you need some help and why you are throwing your pals away”

“When your healed up, I’ll attack you in 4 years”

“There’s something you die”

McGregor won’t be quiet, as expected.

“Little cockroach Diaz brother, Conor McGregor tweeted. The heat is grabbed by 3 on the street.

“That’s none of this yelling and banging arms with me. Silence and head holes.” It’s silence.

“Heal your bones. Blunt brain strength trauma? Not so much. Not so much.

“You took all I worked with motherfucker” hahaha well then you’re a tiny cockroach to work harder””

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