Only a miracle can make Pakistan win the ICC Mens T20 World Cup Jalaluddin

Only a miracle can make Pakistan win the ICC Mens T20 World Cup Jalaluddin

Only a miracle,” remarked former bowler Jalaluddin on Monday, “made Pakistan win the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

Jalaluddin attacked the team selection during his presentation with The News and stated that players were chosen for themselves.

“To choose which kind of circumstances and format, selectors do not know. The selection was done according to personal preferences, and those who failed before were selected again,” he stated.

Misbah ul Haq and Waqar Yunis have also been criticised by Jalaluddin for their defeat at the ICC T20 Cup. He also said that both coaches talked about the tournament preparations a few days ago.

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“Ramiz hasn’t been appointed PCB chairman so far so he could not have asked them to resign, so why did both most responsible figures of Pakistan resign? A few days ago they were talking about the future planning of Pakistan cricket and especially the preparation for the T20 World Cup. And now they have resigned,” he lamented.

He added that Ramiz should not accept their resignation and let them stay until the competition ends. “It’s not like that they can run away,” he remarked.

Ramiz could encounter problems with domestic cricket management

Jalaluddin welcomed Ramiz Raja as the Pakistan Cricket Council’s new Chief (PCB).

He stated “he understands the requirements for modern crickets and has a fantastic international reputation and relationships that are going to help Pakistan cricket.”

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He further claimed that the management of domestic cricket is hard for Ramiz.

“They did not allow club cricket, it was impossible to launch an electoral process of cricket associations and only nominees were taken on an ad hoc basis to establish the associations,” he stated.

He stated that there were various new jobs on the PCB, such as general managers, managers, trainers, assistant coaches, physiotherapists, and managers.

But the board could not manufacture new players.

“The 40-year-old guys we are obligated to retain,” he remarked.

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