Pakistan players advised limiting the use of social media

Pakistan players advised limiting the use of social media

During the next T20 World Cup, Pakistan players have been urged to minimize their use of social media in order to avoid any potential connections with bookies.

The cricket T20 World Cup is perhaps one of the most important worldwide events, which is why players are instructed on how to handle difficult situations, particularly those involving spot-fixing and match-fixing.
The cricket team was given an anti-corruption lecture in Urdu to demonstrate how bookies gain access to players. The example of former South African Gulam Bodi, and how he was sentenced to five years in prison, was also highlighted.

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Following many high-profile cases, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and individual cricketing boards boosted their efforts to eradicate match-fixing from the sport, resulting in enhanced monitoring and security. However, this created a major issue for the bookies, who subsequently used social media to contact the T20 World Cup participants.

Players are encouraged to share cricket-related information on social media, whether it’s their thoughts on the game or a compliment for a teammate.

Furthermore, the participants were advised not to acquire old or second-hand phones and to choose the iPhone over Android to avoid personal data leaks.

Players are also encouraged to inform the board right away if a bookie approaches them or if any player engages in any suspicious behaviour.

The T20 World Cup will begin on October 17th, and Pakistan’s first encounter will be on October 24th against India, their bitter rivals.

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