Pele shifted from ICU after successful surgery of colon tumour

Pele shifted from ICU after successful surgery of colon tumour

Legend of Brazilian soccer Pele recovers following surgery, his daughter and the hospital sources said, his intestinal tumour.

A Brazilian football star, Pele, says one of his daughters on Monday, is set to leave the intensive care department for a colon tumour after surgery at the Hospital of Sao Paulo.

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In her Instagram account, Kely Nascimento provided an update on her father’s health in Portuguese, along with an in-depth photograph of the smiling, 80-j√§hrige mega-star football.

“To do a good postoperative operation, it’s not painful and in good mood (mad he can only eat jello, he’ll persevere!),” wrote Nascimento.

“The next day or two, he moves into a regular room and then goes home.”

Her father “is strong, stubborn, and will go through all the love, energy and light that the world sends through with the assistance and care of a fantastic staff from (Albert) Einstein (Hospital). She has written. She written.

“I wished to thank you for all of the beautiful and caring texts, DMs and e-mails that you guys sent me from the bottom of my heart,” continued Nascimento.

“I didn’t have the opportunity to answer to many, but I read and I read them
“O Rei” (The King) has been one of the longest-term sports careers with over 1,000 goals until quitting in 1977.

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