Ramiz Raja elected unchallenged as new PCB Chairman

Ramiz Raja elected unchallenged as new PCB Chairman

The new President of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) today was elected by former Pakistan Captain Ramiz Raja unchallenged.

After Ehsan Mani quit his position three years ago, the PCB’s top president was vacant.

The vacancy election took place today in Lahore.

The election was held by Sheik Azmat Saeed, Elections Commissioner Justice of the PCB, to preside over the special meetings for electing the 36th Chair of the PCB.

The new President of the PCB is elected by the special meeting held by Aassim Wajid Jawad, Alia Zafar, Asad Ali Khan, Arif Saed, Javed Kurieshi, Ramiz Raja, and Wasim Khan.

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Ramiz wishes to take cricket Pakistan to new levels

Speaking after his election, Ramiz Raja said, “I am grateful to everyone of you for electing me as the PCB President and look forward to working with you to ensure that crickets from Pakistan continue to flourish on and off the ground.”

One of my key focuses will be to help introduce the same culture, attitude and approach in the Pakistani cricket team, which once made Pakistan one of the most sought after countries,” he said.

The new PCB President said we must support and support the national team at all levels in order to produce this cricket brand, which the fans expect from them every time they step into the playground.

“Obviously, as a cricketer formerly, my second focus is on examining the prosperity of our cricketers past and present.

The game has always been about the cricketers and as a consequence, their parent institution deserves more recognition and respect,” he added.

Ramiz Raja will speak at Bob Woolmer’s press conference

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