Ramiz Raja lashes out at Basit Ali for calling him Rambo

Ramiz Raja lashes out at Basit Ali for calling him Rambo

Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has slammed former player and Sindh Cricket Association Head Coach Basit Ali for calling him Rambo at a meeting.

Ramiz spoke with the head coaches of all six regional teams a few days ago, according to the report.

Former colleagues of the chairman were among the coaches who attended the meeting. During the encounter, Bast Ali referred to him as Rambo, according to the report.

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Ramiz was irritated by the way he referred to him by his nickname. He cautioned him about how he communicates with the PCB chairman. ties.

According to the report, Ramiz chastised Shahid Alam, one of the meeting’s coaches, for his friendly demeanour and advised him to concentrate on his work.

Perform or leave.

According to another storey, the PCB chairman was dissatisfied with the coaches’ performance. He warned them that if they didn’t improve their performance, they would be sent home.

“Those who will do a decent job will stay, while those who will not will go home,” he said, according to the Express Newsreport.
During the virtual conference, the newly-appointed chairman expressed doubts about the performance of the provincial team coaches and questioned their role in squad selection, according to the site.

To acquire better outcomes from the players, the chairman asked that everyone work hard and reassess their ideas. Raja was cited as saying, “Many adjustments are being made to fix Pakistan cricket, thus everyone will have to participate properly.”

Coaches, on the other hand, were enraged by Raja’s dominating tone.

One of the coaches advised that everyone submit their resignations at the same time. The decision, however, was met with opposition.

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