Ramiz Raja Reveals PCBs Approach on Backup Plans for Future Tours [Video]

Ramiz Raja Reveals PCBs Approach on Backup Plans for Future Tours [Video]

Ramiz Raja, the newly-elected Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has indicated that Pakistan will have to prepare backup plans if England cancels their tour of the country in 2022. The decision by New Zealand and England to cancel their trip of Pakistan was disheartening, according to Ramiz, who believes Pakistan cricket has been “used and then binned.”

Ramiz expressed his disappointment during a virtual press conference with foreign journalists. The official account of PCB has posted a video of the press conference to various social media sites.Pakistan, according to the 59-year-old, cannot afford to take any chances in the future and must prepare contingency plans in case England withdraws from the trip once more.

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According to Ramiz, Pakistan has always gone above and beyond to assist other top international teams, but they have not received the same treatment and feel betrayed by the two cricket bodies’ conduct.

Former England opener said he spoke with the chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) about the tour’s cancellation and asked him concerns about England’s next tour of Pakistan in 2022.

I spoke with Ian [Watmore] about it, and I asked what assurance there is that England will return to play in 2022, because a month before that tour, you can easily cite fatigue, players being spooked, or being sick of living in a bubble, or a danger perception not being shared with us. We’ll definitely have a backup plan because he didn’t respond,” Ramiz said.

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