Ramiz Raja seeks strong financial system for Pakistan cricket

Ramiz Raja seeks strong financial system for Pakistan cricket

Ramiz Raja, Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), stressed on a strong finance system for Pakistan cricket on Tuesday.

The newly-elected Chairman of the PCB is in Karachi seeking assistance from the business community. Raja will also meet with representatives from the city’s corporate institutions during his visit. According to Raja, Pakistan’s cricket is currently supported by the International Cricket Council (ICC).
He claimed that big investments were being made in cricket boards of other nations while speaking to the business community at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in Karachi.

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Raja went on to say that a strong financial system was also necessary for Pakistani cricket to be successful.

In comparison to neighbouring India, the PCB official added, Pakistan cricket investment was barely 5%.

“We will work hard to make the national team the best in the world and to strengthen cricket’s infrastructure. We also need to improve cricket’s economy,” Raja emphasised.

As the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 approached, the PCB Chairman stated that he was working on improving the skills of Pakistani cricketers. He remained upbeat about his chances of bringing a strong team to the international cricket tournament.

If the corporate sector invested in Pakistan cricket, the money would be used to improve the facilities of the cricket fields, according to the PCB Chairman.

He noted that work at the grass-roots level had not been done as it should have been in the past, resulting in local club cricket lagging far behind.

In response to New Zealand’s recent withdrawal from the Pakistan tour, Raja stated that no country would dare to take such a risk again for two reasons. “One, if your side were the best in the world, and two, if your cricket economy was strong,” Raja explained.

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