Ramiz Raja Shocks Everyone After Disclosing Information on His Salary

Ramiz Raja, chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), revealed that he will not accept a single penny for the next three years because he joined the board out of a desire to change the way the game is played in the country. He stated that his main goal is to improve the country’s cricket infrastructure and make Pakistan the best team in the world.

“I joined the cricket board for ‘no money.'” “I won’t get a single rupee for the next three years,” Ramiz observed.

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Ramiz revealed the information during a meeting with club owners under the jurisdiction of the Central Punjab Cricket Association at the National High-Performance Center. He also discussed shifting Pakistan’s focus to the grassroots level in order to attract talented cricketers in Pakistan’s domestic circuit, as well as how they must be trained from a young age in order to adapt to the demands of international cricket.

The former captain went on to say that the PCB would make unprecedented efforts to support club and school cricket in the country, and he assured cricket clubs that every effort would be made to improve the game at this level. He went on to say that PCB would invest in all aspects, including improving facilities, pitches, equipment, and any other needs of the clubs. Ramiz praised the role these clubs have played thus far and stated that more effort would be required from all parties involved in cricket to make Pakistan the world’s number one cricketing nation.

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