Ramiz Raja warns PCB officials drawing huge salaries

Ramiz Raja warns PCB officials drawing huge salaries

Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja, has issued an indirect warning to PCB officials who earn large salaries. He told the authorities that they would have to fight hard to defend their posts.At the Imran Khan Enclosure in Gaddafi Stadium two days ago, Ramiz told the board’s personnel, which comprised its directors, lower management, and ground staff members.

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He emphasised to staff the need of cutting costs and reducing expenses, as he had been told by the Prime Minister (PM) himself how he saves money at the Prime Minister House and Prime Minister Office.“We have to decrease the board’s expenses,” Ramiz Raja remarked. When you leave your workplaces, have one cup of tea instead of two, use the air conditioner less, and switch off the lights.” In response to a question on his plans to overhaul Pakistan cricket, he stated that the board must ensure that the team becomes the best in the world. “There is no reason for all of us to stay here if our team does not become the number one team in the world,” he remarked.

“We need to make a case for why we’re here.”

He went on to say that his primary focus was on boosting Pakistan cricket, and that the sport needed to be transformed at the grassroots level, which included improving pitch conditions in Pakistan.

He has previously issued tough directions to PCB officials. Ramiz sent a strong warning to the coaches of local provincial teams on Friday, saying that “those who will do a good job will stay, while others will go home.”

He chastised the instructors while also giving them precise instructions on how to improve their performances.Ramiz showed doubt in the coaches’ performances and questioned their involvement in team selection in a virtual meeting, according to the publication.

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