Rashid says, “Dear World Leaders, Do Not Leave Us in Chaos”

Rashid says, “Dear World Leaders, Do Not Leave Us in Chaos”

Rashid Khan, an all-rounder, has called for peace in Afghanistan. He pleaded with foreign leaders not to abandon his country, which he described as “chaotic” due to rising violence.

“Dear Leaders of the World! Thousands of innocent people, including children and women, are martyred every day in my nation, while homes and properties are being destroyed. Those families have been uprooted. Don’t abandon us to the mayhem. Stop murdering Afghans and destroying the country. He tweeted, “We want peace.”

More than 1,000 are either killed or wounded throughout the previous months in Afghanistan due to attacks on civilians in the districts of Helmand, Kandahar, and Herat.

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The country has seen a succession of terror since the US pullout from Afghanistan on 1 May.

After the withdrawal the Taliban ascended to power and the group has taken over around half of the country’s 400 districts to date.

The US has almost evacuated its troops and is set to leave the country fully in Afghanistan over two decades ago by 31 August.

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