Ravi Shastri: Imran Kahn is one of greatest captains, his records speak of itself

India’s cricket team coach Ravi Shastri has said that Pakistan’s current Prime Minister Imran Khan is the biggest player ever seen in his book ‘Stargazing: The players in my life.’

Ravi further said that if further validation is required, experiences of people with and against Imran will come in handy too. Imran records in his career speak for itself.

“Imran Khan is one of the best captains and players that the game saw,” said Ravi Shastri. It doesn’t require qualifications why I take this opinion. His records talk of themselves and if more validation is needed, it derives from the experience of those who played with or against him.”

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He said that he watched Imran Khan first on TV when India visited Pakistan in 1978.

When India toured Pakistan, he wrote. He wrote. After a very poor start to his career he was later one of the best all-rounders of cricket.”

He said that he was present at Wankhede Stadium to see Imran when Pakistan toured India next season, and that his swing control made life uncomfortable for batters.

He added, “I made sure that I got a place in the North Stand at the Wankhede Stadium when Pakistan came to India the next season. The strength of Imran was his outstanding swing and reverse swing control.
The late swingers or “indippers” as they were previously nicknamed made things unbearable for the batsmen,”

In 1987, Ravi Shastri played against Imran Khan when heading the Under 25 squad against Pakistan, while Imran Khan was late in the game. He also told the storey of his first meeting with Imran. He wrote.

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He was trafficked and was willing to start bowling when he returned, which Ravi opposed and urged arbits to comply with the rules. Ravi added that Imran had asked Wasim Akram to rebuff him.

Ravi Shastri honoured Imran Khan richly in his book and declared the Pakistani cricketer to be the best of the four great bats.His time. – His time.

He wrote, “Technically and temperamentally, Imran was, in line with the circumstances required, the best batsman in that era.

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