Saeed Ajmal: ‘They Don’t Care If A Pakistan Bowler Will Get Banned’

Saeed Ajmal

Saeed Ajmal, who was repeatedly banned for his bowling by ICC, alleged that Ravichandran Ashwin had avoided punishment in spite of similar problems.

Saeed, whose early international career had prolific returns, had been forced to quit by the ICC for about a second half.

In the course of his career the Pakistan spinner was twice reported for the illegal curve. Saeed was called upon to stop at the Asia Cup in 2008 and immediately cleared the tests and started bowling again for a few prolific years.

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Saeed received a telling blow the second time around in 2014, when the ICC prohibited the bowling of all international cricket in 2015. Later that year, he changed his actions, but was never as effective as a bowler. Two years later he retired, but now claimed that the ICC was tough on him while Ashwin was tolerant.

“For the last eight years I’ve been playing cricket. These were all rules for me. This is it. This is it. Ashwin was out of cricket six months during that time. Why? Why? So your bowler won’t be banned, you can work on him. If a Pakistan bowler’s prohibited, you don’t care. It’s just money that they care about.”

Saeed said in an interview, “You have changed all these rules without asking anything.”

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He has not rashed the governing body for the first time. He suggested last year that the ICC had made him a scapegoat in a video of YouTube.

“The test was the same in 2009 and 2014, but the only difference was that the health conditions they considered in 2009 are removed,” he said.

He said, “I think that this man Saeed Ajmal is from Pakistan and that they can’t do anything about our decisions,” when the Muralitharan went out of cricket. He said.

It is suggested that he really is conflicted as to the distinctions between his two tests. Saeed was allowed to continue bowling in 2009 according to International Media as his elbow only eight degrees straightened, although his elbow had a 23.5-degree turn during the bowling. In 2014, all deliveries exceeded the permitted 15 degrees maximum straightening. He was one of six bowlers mentioned in 2014.

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