SBP launches maintenance of sports venues

SBP launches maintenance of sports venues
SBP launches maintenance of sports venues
SBP launches maintenance of sports venues

On the orders of Director General Javed Chohan, the Sports Board Punjab (SBP) has begun cleaning and maintaining all sports venues and stadiums in the province on a regular basis.

The SBP DG stated on Thursday that ground 2 of the National Hockey Stadium is being washed with modern machinery in the first phase.

“The cleaning and maintenance of all sports facilities is a routine matter, and the Sports Board Punjab employees did their jobs on time.” However, due to national junior and senior hockey players’ training camps, we must postpone our cleaning work this time.”

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Javed Chohan stated that after washing, the astroturf of National Hockey Stadium Ground 2 is being dried with the help of cutting-edge equipment under the supervision of National Hockey Stadium Administrator Nasir Malik.

“The province’s sports officers have been strictly directed to maintain the cleanliness of all valuable sports facilities, and no negligence will be tolerated in this regard.” We are also expanding the network of sports infrastructure across the province in order to provide the best sports facilities to the province’s talented youth.”

He also stated that the astroturf at National Hockey Stadium will be replaced in the near future. “Our mission is to promote sports among the younger generation.”

Over 300 sports facilities are located throughout the province, allowing our potential male and female athletes to participate in competitive sports activities close to their homes.”

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