Shahid Afridi extends heartwarming birthday wishes for his third born

Shahid Afridi extends heartwarming birthday wishes for his third born

Shahid Khan Afridi, a father of five daughters, is known for keeping admirers riveted to his social media accounts with loving moments spent with his family.

Shahid Afridi is outspoken about his affection for his children, whom he frequently mentions on social media. However, in a recent Instagram post, the cricketer expressed passionate birthday greetings and wrote a lovely note for her third child’s special day.

“To Ajwa, my third child and the apple of my eye, I wish you a very happy birthday. I’m delighted to have returned home in time to share your wonderful day with you! I pray that Allah SWT showers you with happiness. “Lots of love always, your Baba,” he said beside a sweet photo of his darling daughter and a colossal birthday cake.

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Netizens were quick to appreciate Afridi’s unconditional love for his children when his message went viral, despite society’s gender-biased customs.

The renowned cricketer had already criticised the Pakistani fixation with having sons in an interview.

Because of male pressure, Afridi claimed that women felt obligated to produce a son in the household. During the conversation, he stated that no matter what society says, he will adore his little girls.

“Even though I spend most of my time travelling, I make an effort to spend Eid with my daughters. With the arrival of each of them, I’ve seen my life change,” the batsman added.

Afridi went on to criticise men’s gender-biased behaviour toward their daughters, as well as those who refuse to acknowledge this blessing. He also spoke out against the wearing of amulets. “It’s common among us Pathans as well, with Tavees (amulets) and all.

However, I believe there is a special link between fathers and daughters,” the cricketing sensation remarked. Afridi even mentioned that his wife once thought they should have a son. But she stopped worrying when she witnessed him treat his girls with the same love and affection.

“Women feel compelled to have a son primarily because of males. But my wife is content because she knows I’m happy with our daughters.”

It’s worth mentioning that Shahid Afridi has five daughters: Aqsa, Ansha, Ajwa, Asmara, and Arwa.

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