Shan Masoods sister passes away cricketers offer their condolences

Shan Masoods sister passes away cricketers offer their condolences

Meesha Masood, the sister of Pakistani cricketer Shan Masood, died on Saturday. Shan received condolences from former and current players.

Shan Masood resorted to Twitter to share a photo of his sister with a touching message on her death.

He described his sister as “the most valuable thing in my life” and expressed remorse that he never got to say goodbye to her in the tweet.I’ll miss you terribly, but I know you’ve gone to a better place with God. Please pray for the soul of my sister who has passed away,” he added.

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Faisal Iqbal, a former Pakistan cricketer and current Balochistan coach, expressed his sorrow on Twitter. He had already discussed his sister’s treatment in an interview with ESPNcricinfo.

Meeshu had a unique chromosomal abnormality that had severely impeded her development, according to him.

Masood has previously stated, “I don’t believe there is a lot of awareness in Pakistan concerning youngsters like my sister.” “She is a unique youngster. Her physical growth is perfectly normal. He had said, “She’s 30 years old, yet she hasn’t progressed psychologically in the least.”“She has the appearance of a newborn infant. She couldn’t receive a dependant visa, so she couldn’t come to England and live with my parents.

As a result, my parents were split up, with my mother having to travel back and forth and my father running two households at the same time to ensure that my sister was okay. He had said, “I just hope she realises what we do and that it makes her proud as well.”

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