Sheikh Rasheed New Zealand does not have substantive proof of threat

Sheikh Rasheed New Zealand does not have substantive proof of threat

Sheik Rasheed, the Federal Minister for Internal Affairs, indicated that in Pakistan, hours after they called down their series, the New Zealand governments have no substantial evidence of a threat.

Rasheed said during a press conference that, despite Pakistan’s presidential security measures, New Zealand had unilaterally decided to postpone the tour of Pakistan.

According to the Pakistan Cricket Board’s announcement (PCB), NZC decided to cancel its visit to Pakistan on a ‘security alert’ New Zealand Cricket.

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“New Zealand Cricket told us earlier today that they had been alerted to a safety warning and that they unilaterally chose to postpone the series,” added PCB.

Sheik Rashid has indicated that there is no proof to substantiate these claims as New Zealand is secured for the protection of the Pakistan Army, security forces, and 4,000 police employees.

He added Pakistan was also offering spectacle-free play, but the authorities in the Black Cap did not accept.

Subsequently, officials in Pakistan spoke in the Tajikistan to the current Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

“The Prime Minister had been briefed on this issue, Rashid stated. He immediately called [Jacinda Ardern] New Zealand Prime Minister and assured him that no security threat existed.

Of reaction to Imran Khan, the PM in New Zealand indicated that the team could be attacked once it leaves the hotel. He said it was attacked.

He added, Pakistan’s security agency had not received any threats from the cricket squad in New Zealand. “They decided unilaterally to cancel the tour,”

Rashid said the unilateral decision was taken, since Pakistan has a key role to play in bringing world peace. “There are solid institutions in the country that have resisted terrorism.”

He said, “According to a plot, this tour was terminated. That’s your problem [New Zeland]. The Crises Management Cell and other institutions tried to persuade them but the government of New Zealand took a unilateral choice,” “

In answer to a question, he added that conspirators cannot be named since Pakistan has diehard cricket fans who want to see cricket on their own.

He told us, “The plot is designed to ruin Pakistan’s image, as I am.

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