Shoaib Akhtar Reminds Harbhajan of His Tall Claims After Indias Embarrassing Loss

Shoaib Akhtar Reminds Harbhajan of His Tall Claims After Indias Embarrassing Loss

Following Pakistan’s crushing win over archrival India in their 2021 T20 World Cup opener, former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar sneered at former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh.

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“I’m Harbhajan Singh.” Do you still want to take a walkover? No? Okay. So, what is one to do? Relax and enjoy your day. And please bear with me (Haan Bhajji? Harbhajan Singh Lena, do you mind if I walk over to you? Lena, are you sure? Acha. Yer, kya karate hain yar? Relax, yar, and enjoy your day. And, bardasht Karo),” Shoaib wrote in a tweet.
Dumbfounded, Harbhajan apparently went missing on Twitter, unable to respond appropriately as online trends and fan reactions rubbed salt in his wounds.

Shoaib piled on, “worried” that the shock of defeat had depressed his friend on the sidelines.
Harbhajan responded in goodwill after what seemed like an hour of not coming to terms with the reality of the game.
Harbhajan took a sly dig at the Green Caps a week before yesterday’s high-octane clash, undeniably confident that Pakistan had no chance against India. “You should give us a pass. “You’ll play, you’ll lose again, and you’ll be upset,” he predicted. However, after Pakistan’s ten-wicket victory over their arch-rivals on Sunday, the ex-Indian spinner will re-evaluate his stance and hope that Kohli XI is not knocked out of the competition. Team India takes on New Zealand on October 31, while Pakistan takes on the Kiwis four days before Kohli’s team has a chance to redeem itself.

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