Tearful Djokovic copes with Slam heartbreak crowd love

Tearful Djokovic copes with Slam heartbreak crowd love

NEW YORK: Tearful Novak Djokovic felt relieved and sorry as his dREAM of the Grand Slam passed away with a US Open final defeat.

World No. One Djokovic has missed the first Slam-year calendar since 1969, losing 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 in Arthur Ashe Stade, Russia’s second rank.

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“Relief. I’ve been happy it is over,” Djokovic stated in the moments after the defeat regarding his feelings.

“A great deal has been done to this event and all the mental and emotional tasks I have faced during the previous few weeks of the tournament. There was plenty to do,” remarked Djokovic.

“I was only happy that the race was finally done. I felt sad, disappointed and grateful for the fans and the beautiful experience they had created for me in the court at the same time.”

Djokovic also missed his 4th U.S. Open victory and 21st Grand Slam career, which left him stalled with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer on the 20th Slam men’s record trophies.

He responded, “There are so many different emotions. “This is a very sad part of myself. This loss, considering everything on line, is difficult to stomach.

“But I felt something in New York, on the other hand, that I never felt in my life. I was incredibly special because of the crowd. They amazed me pleasantly.”

U.S. Open supporters cheered on the Djokovic struggle with a spirit down two sets and two breaks as long as there may be the Grande Slam.

“I will remember for ever the amount of support and affection I received from the audience,” stated Djokovic. “This is why I merely divided up the changeover. The emotion was very powerful.

“It’s so strong that 21 Grand Slams have been won. That’s the really particular way I felt. They touched my heart. They touched my heart. These are the moments you appreciate. It was only amazing.”

Djokovic admits not having the game to stay from the beginning with a certain Medvedev.

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Djokovic remarked, ‘I’ve just been below average with my game. “It wasn’t my legs. I tried it. I did my best. I did my best. I made many mistakes that were unintentional. I haven’t really had a servve.

“Only one day on which it wasn’t meant tragically.

“I know I could’ve done better and should. I know. This is a hard loss.”

Djokovic took a look back at the Australian and French Open titles and crown of Wimbledon, but at New York heartbroken and no Tokyo Olympic medals.

“In the past five or six months it was also emotionally quite taxing for me,” he stated.

“I didn’t do it in the last step, unfortunately. But you have to be quite pleased with the year when you draw a line. Three victories, three final slams. I must be proud of all I’ve accomplished.

“We learn how to turn the next page in tennis extremely rapidly. More challenges will soon come, more things will come up. In the finals of Slams, the losses I’ve learnt to overcome were the hardest.

“I’ll attempt to learn, learn, be stronger, and continue to do so. I will continue to drive as long as there is motivation and flair.”

The new team of 20 talents, including Medvedev and Alexander Zverev of Germany, who beat him in the semifinals and brought him to five U.S. Open semi-finals, is a battle for Djokovic.

And it’s time for luminaries like as Federer, Nadal and Djokovic to move aside.

“Older guys’ hanging on is still there. We still try, as much as possible, to shed the light on tennis,” he remarked.

“I still want to go, try winning more Slams, play my nation. These are the things I think at this point most motivate me.

“But nobody is new to the new generation. It is up-to-date already. Established. They will take control, of course. Tennis is in good hands, I believe.”

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