Waqar Younis should learn coaching first Aqib Javed

Waqar Younis should learn coaching first Aqib Javed

“Nor do we have ‘A’ team coaches nor have we quality coaches at the NHC,” he bemoaned. “There are not even qualified coaches working there.”

Aqib noted that the PCB has its own system of hiring trainers and added that the coaches that have been hired are exceptional batmen.

He stated persons chosen as coaches, including as Javed Miandad, without a prior training training, were unsuccessful since “playing and coaching are two separate areas.”

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“While talking about the nomination of Misbah as the Head Coach, I argued that that was the worst decision since someone who had never been coach for the whole day was chosen National Team Chief Coach.
Aqib Javed recommended former Pakistan fast bowler Waqar Younis to learn how to coach before coming for a second season.

Javed said: “It went back to comment on cricket, every time Waqar Younis stops instructing. “He just coaches and comments two things. He didn’t know that [in terms of coaching], so I would think it is better to learn how to coach [this time],” he continued.

Aqib revealed his views on Misbah’s ul Haq and Waqar, the two coaches, who resigned from selecting the national T20 team after rising divergences between them and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).
He also mentioned that the Coach has been the Waqar coach in both the Chef Coach and the Bowling Coach for the previous 15 years. “So many comebacks to the squad are not even by a player [like Waqar Younis did],” he told. “Here, though, the coaches make comebacks.”

The selection of the board saddened Aqib Javed. He told me that he did not understand why the national team was contracted to train non-professional coaches.

He stated that foreign coaches will be appointed, since the board did not care much about coaching at a domestic level.

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