What to expect from Ramiz Raja as PCB chairman

What to expect from Ramiz Raja as PCB chairman

The new Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board is likely to be Ramiz Raja (PCB).

The post was vacant following Ehsan Mani’s departure, who had recently decided that he would not stay in office after three years.

With Raja preparing to reach the highest seat in the PCB, people speculate about how his term will be and what to expect from h’ after an election slated for the next 13 September.Here are some of the 59-year-old utterances which indicate his possible measures as the future PCB boss.

On 4 June 2021 on his YouTube channel he said, “You chooses a squad with a lot of uncapped players, and it’s appreciated as the future looks and you’re not playing them.” “It’s like sending a fully covered bride back without marrying her. Then you glance back at the recycled players unexpectedly.

They are not only remembered by the squad, but also given the opportunity to play XI. The uncapped players are the recommended ones.

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Raja has chosen young blood and gave them plenty of chance to show their abilities. In the past, he has criticised selectors for calling out young cricketers, but not giving them a position in XI instead of the new ones.

Encourage Babar to think positively
Having believed the Think Tank and the skipper Babar Azam are terrified of losses, Raja has been critical of Pakistan Teams because he hasn’t experialized.

He added while analysing Pakistan’s poor performance in the recently-completed ODI series against England, “Babar Azam is a young captain and he must change the team’s environment because I don’t believe it is even the think tank attempting to change him.”. “When Pakistan wins, Babar must realise he would get the spotlight,How are you going to enhance this mantra’s skill level? How will you be a good team if you don’t take any chance? How will you become a great player if your skill is not challenged?” he asked.

The probable exit of Hafeez and Malik
The 2017 T 20 World Cup is slated to be held in the UAE, with the seasoned Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez all-rounders playing a leading role in keeping with their conditions.

However, Raja did demand their retirement several times, thus the future of the partnership did not seem good. The two experienced campaigners did not remain silent in response, and answered him with some nasty comments.

But in this climate they can’t win, they’re frightened to lose games, experiment and attempt to simply play safe cricket,” he said.

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The cricketer-turned commentator previously requested Hafeez, 40 years old, to withdraw from world cricket and he said: “I acknowledge Ramiz (Raj) cricket services as a player for Pakistan. I admire his views, but I have reserves about his understanding of cricket and his awareness about the game. Even his gaming sensitivity is better than Ramiz Bhai, if you talk to my 12-year-old son.”

Another time, the former skipper had encouraged the senior team during an interview to gracefully withdraw from the international cricket Malik was digging at.

“It was agreed to by Ramiz Raja Bhai. Since we’re all three near the end of our careers let’s gently retire with each other — will I call and plan this for 2022?” Malik wrote.

This sarcasm was not taken well by the former opening batsman and answered.

“1- Graciously withdraw from what?

.. my mind about Pak cricket speaking? Stick my cricket neck out? Do you want Pak cricket back to the top? No chance… will never withdraw from Malik Sahib graciously! With regard to your plans for post-retirement,” he wrote. “ 2. You are the first person.

Commenting on 2022 that would make you around my age and talk of career, you don’t need a history tutorial from anyone who is a wonderful professor would tell you that I retired when I was the Pak team captain,” he went on.

The aforementions bidder between the possible new PCB president and the spent pair shows that when it comes to their future in the team, they do not have a friendly connection.

Trainers on the tour?
The 59-year-old has also discussed the concept of recruiting trainers for every tour or series.”We should only hire specialist coaches on tour [and] series-based touring when needed,” he had proposed. “They should not be permanent coaches for all tours. “Tour-based and opposition-based designation of coaches. Use your knowledge for a series and do it instead of going on for a long time.”

He also criticised Misbah Ul Haq, current head coach, who called him “Dhoni, the poor man.”

“It is different to coach and educate Misbah. This way, let me say it, he’s Dhoni the poor man. Even the former Indian skipper was restricted, without any reactions or feelings. So is Misbah, too, but I guess he screams.

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